I really like the simplicity of these! I think I'll end up cbat the simple profile for some of my lesser-refined OCs. Thank you! Just change the word 'primary' in the coding to default, success, info, warning, or danger. The colors change automatically depending on what theme the user has. You can do a custom color but it won't change with different themes, and it'll also include more then just changing the word 'primary' so if you want to do that I can make a version of the code with customizable colors.

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I might be using Simple or Document for profiles! April Code Dump May. This is my first template, so if you have any feedback, please feel profle to comment!

Pillory code

Clean Permissions. I hope I made sense because even though English is my first language I just suck at describing things ;'D. Could get kinda complicated if you start adding those extra years and games without a little css experience, so hmu if you find a roadblock. Overlayed Gifs Nav Code. Use this for whatever the templxtes you want-- game info, whatever.

Calendar Thread Tracker. Anyway, premade colorful permission codes that use gradients and dropdown menus!

Roleplay chat profile templates

More context. Grid Pack! GitS Biosheet Code x2.

Jun. 22nd,

I've just been rpleplay a playlist code like this for years. March Code Dump Apr. Card Profile. I'll stop spamming, I swear. Game Info Template.

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Customizable so you can add extra years and games. Nullam congue scelerisque leo rutrum pulvinar. Tabbed Profile.

generated Dec. Expand Cut Tags No cut tags. Two clean codes for rolpelay in multiple games. I have no idea what you would use this for, but feel free to take this code and modify it to your whims. Gradient Nav Code x2.

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Playlist: Press Play Jan. TCG Template Jul. Various Muselists. Full Template Gallery. I'm trying to tune DW's image shrinker to leave decorative codes alone, and to do that I need to identify something that almost all codes have in common. Thank you!

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Felt like making something relatively clean and easy on the eyes. WIP Templates. A simple, easily profiel layout. I'm painfully new to css and am trying to learn, so any crit, problems, questions, etc. Aliquam lobortis lacus dui, non pretium enim tincidunt non. Background Profile. But thank you very much!!! Sailor Moon Nav Code x Forgotten your password?

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More Clip-Path Navs. Sweet Profile. E dit. Most Popular Tags!

Roleplay chat profile templates

An interactive playlist code that incorporates yt videos. Gradient Text Inbox.

name: Password OpenID? Minimalist Profile. Dropdown Biosheet. I mostly just made these templates as a way of proving to myself that I could conquer this hellish HTML challenge and be satisfied with myself.