Displaying 1 to 8 of 8. Called Talk Works who referred me. Whilst not in crisis was decided a talk with the crisis team would be quicker to get to talk to someone and I got a prompt appt at Haytor. I saw two people who combined were a fantastic help to me. One talked about the science of what I was going through, auditory hallucinations, whilst the other about my life circumstances and practicalities.

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I have a lot of friends online and we have a laugh talking on MSN messenger, but we all know we're never going to meet in the flesh!! If people get into trouble using chat rooms, it's their own fault as everyone definitely knows the consequences. I do chat a lot in these rooms, but I'm not really bothered. There's more rubbish on the internet than the chat rooms.

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Caitlin, 12, Hemel Hempstead I think it is right to close chat rooms especially if children lie to their parents saying they don't go to chat rooms. Georgina, 13, Oxted. Report review titled Leaving hospital - there should more support as unsuitable.

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I can only talk to some people on chat rooms and I will never get to hear from them again. If they do they're shutting down my world so please don't!!!! And people that usually go on them all the time are going to give out their personal info to people they have met on the chat! If I had known i was going to be discharged during that appointment i would have made sure i had support with me as it was i was so distraught i ended up getting on the wrong train afterwards.

Josie, 14, London. I think that the reason chat rooms are being used is because people don't know how to use best scunthorpe sex chat internet or to find decent site; I go on Msn messenger and talk to my friends whilst surfing the net; I think that if people knew that there was more to the internet than chat rooms then less of them would be used.

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They put her in a room full of human pee, did chaf bloods and sent her home less than 4 hours later. Dean, 12, Chippenham I think MSN chat rooms should ALL stay open - but have security in place for example when you register your computer operating system, it should be done through the post like a driving application is, with huntsville swingers chat photo etc.

Rachel, 15, Essex. It's a huge mistake. Kind regards Sophie.

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I think that it is so unfair that chat rooms are being shut down. I think it's a cool idea. Faith, 11, London I think it's silly to close moderated chat rooms, I'll still use other chatrooms but it makes more people use unmoderated chat Lottie, rkom, Aberystwyth Definitely. Dani, 16 London I think it's a terrible idea to get rid of the chat rooms!

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Adam, 15, Swanwick. Alexa, 13, Lancaster. I think it's great that unsupervised chat rooms are closing down. All chat rooms should say enter at own risk and not have Msn watched by people to make it safe.

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Even if you don't give your you get hacked, or something like that. Stephen, 17, Ormskirk. Hannah, 14, Beverley.

Donna, 17, Ware. You have control over the different people you speak to. Exeetr that want chat rooms to stay don't understand the dangers of chat rooms. the celebs for a dunking in the bath!

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Or will you just stick to instant messaging? Chat rooms are dangerous esx I'm sooo happy they are closing down. I think it is right to close chat rooms especially if children lie to their parents saying they don't go to chat rooms.

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People are put on CTO's for not taking their medicaiton and when they do srx to take it they cannot sometimes get it when they need it. I loved chatting on MSN chat rooms, and was shocked and disappointed when I heard they were going. I sometimes have doubts about people that I get introduced to over MSN via friends, but at the end of the day, if your friends know them, they can't be that cbat, can they?

Most of my friends use them. Lily, 11, Birmingham. I only use chatrooms with moderators, and they're just as much fun, and I feel much safer. I am very pleased to hear that the assessment went really well and you found the staff took your concerns seriously and provided you with the time to discuss the matters you wished to speak about. I know they are just trying to protect children, but children should know it's dangerous to meet up unless you actually know the person from school or a club sissy who is chatting or some sort.

Since I was 18, I am now How well do you know today's news? I think Microsoft should maybe keep 1 or 2 chat rooms open as long as cha watched.

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Amy, 12, Woking Yes, I will still use chat rooms coz I have made two friends on chat rooms so I will continue using them; I will be well upset if it closes down. I think that chat rooms r safe and a fun way to communicate with new and different people as long as the people on the chat room know the rules. Updated 06 October Lars, 12, Rotterdam Please don't close chat rooms it's like a life for me and many people in our room.