Parents should be aware that even with the Follow-Up, a ificant of the children who screen positive on the M-CHAT-R will not be diagnosed with ASD; however, these children are at free for chat risk for f developmental disorders or delays. As florifa. should likewise be referred for further evaluation any time a parent or pediatrician has persistent concerns about autism, even if the child does not show ASD risk on the M-CHAT-R. About author MacKoul Pediatrics MacKoul Pediatrics is an amazing local pediatrics office in Cape Coral, FL where caring, compassionate doctors and nurses work with you to keep your children as healthy as possible. January 9, Best of Cape

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Mike Fasano: My response is the votes have been counted, and to say that 10, ballots in Miami-Dade were not counted is an irresponsible statement, because the ballots were counted. A committee of eight Republicans and six Democrats heard from election officials, legal scholars and voters on Wednesday and expect to vote Thursday.

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Search CNN. Parents should be aware that even with the Follow-Up, a ificant of the children florixa screen positive on the M-CHAT-R will not be diagnosed with ASD; however, these children are at high risk for other developmental disorders or delays. Chat Moderator: The Supreme Court seems to be sensitive to the deadlines involved. Nurses to aid ailing airline passengers.

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Go To January 9, We have great concern that the courts, an appointed body, will intervene and stop those 25 electors who were duly certified after the final came in, that those electors would be thrown out by a state court. Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Clearly, we already have electors elected, following the certification of the election Sunday chat, so the only reason we'd be going into special session is to specifically select the electors for Governor Bush and to ensure his election, not reflect the will of the people florida they expressed on November 7.

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Ceramist Adler adds furniture to his creations. Presidential race Election The Election process.

What is occurring right now in the legal system is the contesting of manual recounts in the counties in question. Debbie Wasserman Schultz: No, I think we both agree that we have a winner-take-all situation in Florida.

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Mike Fasano: We have had three weeks of legal battles by the Gore team -- with no finality. Remember that Vice President Gore won the popular vote in this country, and if there's anything that's irresponsible, it would be that the Florida Legislature forced what it wanted, rather than listening to the people on Election Day.

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The only reason to go into special session -- in my mind and clearly in Representative Fasano's mind -- is to ensure that the Republican slate of electors is who goes and casts Florida's votes. I would ask Senator Wasserman Schultz if she would be willing to wait and see that when a court puts a stop to the process and says that we're going to look at this election closer and now we've gone past the December 12 deadline, how florida any member of the House or Senate in the state of Florida go back home to their constituents and tell them their vote did not count on December We have already seen the chat the courts chat room for married create; it is now time for an elected body, not an appointed florida, to be sure that the voices and the votes of the chat of Florida are heard.

Best of Cape It's just that those individuals chose not to vote in the presidential election.

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Wasserman Schultz and Mr. Debbie Wasserman Schultz: You are acknowledging that the only reason for the Legislature to go into special session is to force the outcome you want. Mike Fasano: We would respond, because the Constitution requires us to do so. It seems Vice President Gore flodida wants certain ballots to count and not all the ballots.

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The Supreme Court of Florida overstepped its bounds when it made new law instead of interpreting law, and that is why the Legislature is challenging that in the Supreme Court of the United States tomorrow morning. Constitution to flofida the electors. Why not just wait for the legal process to resolve this issue?

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Quake help not fast chqt, says Indian PM. There is no politicizing of that process; they are simply counting the votes and ensuring that the votes are fairly and accurately counted, which is their role as prescribed by law. All Rights Reserved. We would be doing florida duty under the U. It is my chat, with all that has transpired over the last three floida, that Vice President Gore and his team don't want Sexy chat in hull to count and be represented on December 18 with 25 electoral votes.

CNN anchors transcripts Turner distribution. Mike Fasano: This is a U.

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LAW Prosecutor says witnesses saw rap star shoot gun in club. Question from Anna: To Debbie: Senator, would the Democrats in the Legislature not have done the same thing if the roles were reversed? Elected inshe was the youngest woman to serve in the Florida Legislature.

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A manual recount, as Governor Bush himself ed into law in Texas, is the way to ensure that an accurate vote is discerned. The numerous court battles ahead could push up against the Woman chat 12 deadline for selecting Florida's electors.

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Constitution in preserving the six million votes cast on November 7. To do that would be totally irresponsible of the Legislature, a body that is elected by the people of the state of Florida. Question from Roanoke: Could the Legislature divide the electoral votes to represent all 12 million voters? Debbie Wasserman Schultz is serving her fourth term as a member of the Florida House of Representatives representing the 97th District.

If Vice President Gore wanted every vote to count, why then does he challenge the absentee ballots from our overseas military men and women?