Friday 20 May Dan: The idea behind the podcast really came from our work as researchers on QI. So we were thinking that the conversations we were having as researchers were really fact-packed and fun. What would happen if we tried recording it? So we tried recording it and then we ended up doing it regularly.

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Also florists sell them so definitely check out your local florist shop. I think too that people who are listening were interested in hearing who exactly us QI Elves were — we have Stephen Fry to thank for that for introducing the idea of efl QI Elves in the TV show.

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So how do you chat He tells them elf their achievements the day or lets them know if their behaviour is slipping and Santa is aware. Then we had an opportunity to do a live event at a comedy venue in Greenwich so we tried out filming it with a view to putting it on YouTube.

Elf chat

We really just chat through facts. That was a really useful springboard.

Dan: Yep, we really did. Dan: The idea behind the podcast really came from our work as researchers on QI.

Elf chat

What sort of person is a QI Elf? How did you go from podcast to TV? About the BBC Blog.

Santa – the experience takes guests on a virtual tour that concludes with a chat with the jolly giver of gifts.

Friday 20 May I also found an app my pet can talk and it made the Elf Flick talk. They sound cha hard-working and instantly likeable.

Thursday 19 May But the actual elf with the book is quite expensive and looks rather creepy. Dan: I think its got to be personal.

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Who does elf on the shelf? Everyone instinctively knows that.

Elf chat

I do a christmas eve breakfast but thats all. I like the concept and love setting up little things for my littlen.


You could do that with the stuffed toy ones too and save some money. Or if you have a white door, use that!

You, James, mentioned it to a few of your friends on Twitter, and before we knew what was going on we had hundreds of listeners. How do you know when something is interesting? The way you phrase a fact is that there has to be things in there which people already understand.

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What would happen if we tried recording it? Anonymous-User February 21,pm Tagged with: Television News.

What do you think ed for that initial surge in popularity? Sometimes The Works sell cheaper ones if you are looking, I chay happened to notice one in there the last time I was there. It depends on whether the chat avnue knows it already.

I brought a swing and an elf jumper. He liked it. That feed now hasfollowers.

I really want to make this xmas really magical but not expensive! It looked really good to us.

Hi ive also wanted to do elf on the shelf so I went looking for a cheaper alternative,and I actually found a boy elf and a chat elf with the book,on eBay,for more than elf the price,and they look exactly the same…be quick tho as they are selling out quick,I just typed in elf on the shelf,hope this helps love Tabs xxx. LisaCM February 15,pm 6. Or have any other fun things that isnt elf on the shelf. When we edited the bbw nude chat together we realised that we had something really interesting.