In Cuba, everyone knows the classic salsa singers and dancers, the Cuban anthems like Guantanamera that blast from TVs day and night. Cimafunk is my artistic name. In those communities, new forms of expression, especially cultural expression, took place. Funk is a rhythm that came from parts of Africa, with a different name, and developed in the United States under the name funk. Funk pulls people in with its rhythm, which moves you up and down and it brings you to a natural state where you forget yourself and you become a part of the groove. From my beginnings in the chorus of a small church in my town until now.

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Tropical fruits every day in Cuba: Papaya, Guava, and Watermelon plate.

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El Cocinero is an adorable space known for its large brick chimney. How many times can you go out and enjoy an experience without preoccupying yourself with capturing it perfectly on social media? I think most people find chas experience to be especially ificant because of the feeling of traveling back in time. Today it is owned by a woman named Leticia, and the restaurant itself serves dishes from recipes of the past.

That is a privilege.

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If you could cover one song and one song only, what would it be? There is wbcam chat doubt that technology has and is making our lives more convenient, chat it is also contributing to a much more distracting and much less appreciative way of living. I'd personally recommend trying to find a direct flight into Cuba if you're coming from the East Coast.

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We were looking cubannos a sorteo rd chat with less tourists and more tranquility, and found that the further we drove down Playa del Este the more quiet and secluded the beaches became. I saw kids finding entertainment in random knick knacks off the street rather than technological devices, and I saw individuals walking and admiring their surroundings rather than their phones.

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In one second you're liked, and just as easily you're disposed of for the next swipe right. It's not just that the architecture, streets, and cars are a vision of the past, but it's also that the access to technology and convenience is limited or even absent. When we found ourselves really off course, we asked the locals for directions and recommendations, or flagged down taxis to get to the specific sites we had bookmarked. Technology is definitely making our lives more convenient, but it is chafs making us less present, more distracted, and less appreciative of one another.

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If you're visiting from New York City, you'll be reminded of an art space you would perhaps find dr Brooklyn. Despite what you may read online or in books, Cuba has a closed currency system and you are only able to exchange your local currency for CUCs while in the country.

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A huge warehouse with art galleries, live music, drinks and food. Havana Travel Recap Accommodation: Airbnb is the best and most affordable option. I found this to be the best and most efficient way to discover the city of Havana.

The restaurant is packed full each night, so I strongly suggest calling the restaurant in advance and making a cubanoos. Wander Nest. Of course, music is a big thing!

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Come prepared with more than enough cash dee to be safe, as you may run into unfortunate situations that require additional funds. Our four days were definitely far too short, but all the more reason to come back to Cuba in the near future for a more extended stay. I always had that in my head, day and night.

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Isabel Albee September 5, Cuba so deeply captured a piece of my heart in that I found a genuine appreciation for the lifestyle and culture the people of this country live. Funk is a rhythm that came from parts of Africa, with a different name, and developed in the United States under the name funk. You studied two years of medicine in the University, but decided to leave school and pursue your musical career, what was that decision like?

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I did a lot of things before going up on stage. My favorite and by far the best food we had in all of Havana.

Taxis: You can flag down a taxi almost anywhere, but be cautioned from getting ripped off by the driver. I have fallen so deeply in love with the country of Cuba. Similarly to my trip to Morocco, this trip to Cuba proved to me that little is needed in one's life to experience the power of genuine contentment.

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We flew JetBlue, and the process of getting a Visa and exchanging money was very easy and efficient. The venue is open until 2am and I highly recommend checking it out! We arrived on our first day rather exhausted from a seven hour layover in Florida. Collin Laverty September 4, The roots of this restaurant date back to the s, just cubannos decade after the Cuban Revolution.

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There are so many beautiful sites to visit, dishes to taste, and locals to meet. I had, of chays, better moments than others, but for me everything was a part of a process.

Chats de cubanos

We spent a lot of time during our trip wandering the city of Havana.