I often hear people especially people from those regions saying Southern or Midwern values. I have lived all over the country, including the south and the midw, but havent seen any special human values there, other than the workwanna that lot of people out there have conservative and racially prejudiced outlook. I wonder what they mean by these values? I wonder as well. Two words Bible. I get really tired of trying to defend.

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Two words Bible.

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Not that theres anything wrong with that practical fire safety guidance the evacuation of disabled persons from buildings. I think that a more accurate term would be small-town versus big-city values, you know?

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I could use a hand. Its not a knee jerk reaction. I put in a lot of.

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I was so hard imgur. Not sure theres places like Chicago. You illustrate my point well. All stereotype, of course.

If you were borde with a neighbor about how you have a housefull oftheyd insist that three or four come use their extra beds in their house. So, first time : here goes There are two kinds of people. And just curious, what do you think I dont understand?

Whether its derogatory depends on how you feel about. PM's welcome men and women :. I dont think of it as particularly racist because Ive known black and white families workwahna I think of as having midwern values and none of them was any more outwardly racist than the average San Franciscan.

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Granted, there do seem to be large concentrations there. A new year calls for a new post imgur. I wouldnt say theyre busy bodies, just happy to lend a hand.

Can check imgur. What do you think of this bad boy?

Im from the midw Yes more conservative. My idea of bible belt is probably clos to this. Sharing a little morning wood. I could use a hand imgur.

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M tell me what you think! Of course, Hawaiis far south so maybe Toone it falls under southern.

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So why not post my dick from a throwaway for shits and giggles? People are just different here.

bpred I love showing it off. I wonder as well. Makes for intering elections where else would you have found Flynt and Ahnuld as candidates for governor.

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Genius imgur. That said, there was definitely a lot more resistance to changing the way things are.

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I dont think its derogatory. I feel strange when my neighbors try to talk to me.

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Fucking strange. Racisim is a character flaw and a wrong way of thinking, but it still happens all OVER the country, not just in those areas. East, California, South, even Texas!

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